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[ + ] What's this? Show me videos!

Here are the 6 major manufacturers video pages, that should get you started!
→ RAZORS on Youtube
→ REMEDYZ on Youtube
→ ROLLERBLADE on Youtube
→ SSM on Youtube
→ VALO on Vimeo

Youtube and Vimeo are your friends, you can search for your favorite Pros such as Chris Haffey, Eric Bailey, Brian Aragon, Billy ONeil, Brian Shima, Franky Morales, etc.. or type the words "rollerblading, "rolling", or "aggressive inline".

[ + ] Ok, how do I learn how to Roll?

Visit local skateparks and meet with other Bladers in your area!

While "fitness inline" might be fairly easy to learn taking it up a few many notches to "freestyle rolling" will require patience and perseverance.. Having the wheels attached under your feet will make it harder at first but eventually will allow you to go fast and fly high!

[ + ] Where can I buy skates?

Most big sport stores carry products suitable to get you started, for cheap, but we don't recommend those as they will most likely fall apart quickly.
Things to look out for when buying your first skates:
- sturdy construction ("designed for freestyle/aggressive")
- padded liner offering little or no pressure points on the foot
- solid frames w/ urethane wheels
- "soul" space to do tricks.

Getting some good quality skates right away will end up saving you money in the long run. Ask your local skateshop for advice. There are also plenty of online stores which will be happy to assist you, is your friend!

You can also ask around in web forums or contact the skate brands for more specific info and/or shop locations.


[ + ] How do I enter the WRS?

WRS contests are opened to all riders. You earn points and enter the World Ranking by placing top10 at any WRS event (1-5stars), good luck!

1/ Find a WRS event near you
2/ Bring your skills & do well
3/ Rack points!
Here is the calendar, contact each individual event for registration info and see you soon!

[ + ] Be part of the community!

Check out print & online magazines such as Be-Mag and One, visit news blogs such as, and surf web forums such as the be-mag message board.

All these websites link to more websites that will get you in the loop quickly.

Have fun!