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Roll with us

Founded by company owners/skating legends Brian Shima, Jon Julio and Kato Mateu and supported by all major skate companies, the World Rolling Series (WRS) is committed to growing the sport.

The WRS links together the best skaters, event organizers, retailers and skate parks, creating a tighter knit community, increasing overall awareness and setting a higher standard for our athletes.

The WRS circuit started in 2009 with 10 established professional contests in France, Netherlands, England, Spain, Australia and the United States. A year later, WRS now includes 100+ Amateurs and Professional events categorized from 1 to 5 stars in 20+ countries.

About WRS

The World Rolling Series (WRS) has been created to unite the freestyle inline skate community by teaming with established Professional and Amateur events/organizations worldwide, creating a ranking system that will set a defining line between the individual levels of talent within the sport, developing a structured series of professional events, maintaining the integrity of our Blading Culture, and focusing on promotion and increased participation.

The WRS ensures a higher standard and emphasis on the talent and promotion of the sport while increasing the sports size, strength, and recognition everywhere.